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Our high-quality bale ties ship fast.

In addition to supplying equipment and service, Quincy Recycle supplies industrial bale wire for commercial use. We stock a wide variety of American-made bale wire for sale and can ship them to you fast. We’re a top bale wire supplier today because our nationwide network means we can fulfill your order quickly no matter where you are across the country.


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Industrial Bale Wire

Single-loop bale ties

Single loop bale ties are used for securing bales of recycled material after it has gone through the baler. The wire is twisted at the ends with a loop to secure for transport. Used with vertical or horizontal balers that require hand-tying. Quincy Recycle offers galvanized wire or black annealed wire. We carry 11-14 gauges which has breaking loads starting at 325 lbs. to 750 lbs.

  • Gauges: 11-14
  • Length: 10′-22′


Box wire

Box wire is packaged as one continuous length and feeds into your auto-tie balers. Box wire keeps wire compact and neatly stored. Used for bundling compacted recycle materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic or other refuse. We stock the most commonly used box wire to keep shipping times low. All our box wire is USA made.

  • Gauges: 10-12
  • Weight: 50 or 100 pounds


Stump wire

Stump wire, also known as spool wire, coil wire, or stem wire, is used with horizontal balers to bundle recycled materials after they have been baled. We carry galvanized, black annealed or hi-tensile galvanized stump wire.

  • Gauges: 10-12


Q: What type of wire works best for me?

A: Choosing the correct bale wire products for you depends on numerous factors. These include what you’re baling, how large the bales will be, and the type of equipment you’ll be using. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or check with our experts before you buy.

Q: What are the most common uses for bale wire?

A: In addition to bundling recyclable materials such as corrugated cardboard, paper, aluminum, or plastic, it’s also commonly used to hold together bales of hay in the agricultural sector.

Q: Is there a difference between bale wire and bailing wire?

A: Absolutely none — “bailing” is a common misspelling that suppliers sometimes use in their marketing materials. Whenever you see someone mention “bailing wire,” they’re talking about bale wire.

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