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Defensive Wall Spikes
Defensive Wall Spikes attached to a Defensive Wall
Also known as
Spike wall, Defensive Wall Reinforcement
Added in
Building Type
Defensive Wall
Increase HP of Defensive Wall by 45%
Doesn't injure enemies
Cannibals can hop on top of them and jump your walls
Possibly on both sides of wall(not confirmed)
Buildable on
Defensive Wall
Very Strong

This article is about the defensive wall spikes. For other walls, see Custom Building.

Defensive Wall Spikes can be placed on defensive walls to increases the wall strength by 45%. The cost of building this is linked to the length of the wall section it is placed on. Cannot be built over Defensive Wall Gates.


Defensive Wall Spikes cannot be placed on single or double doors of defensive walls. Defensive Wall Spikes do not cause damage to enemies when they are attacking a wall. It is possible that Defensive Wall Spikes can prevent cannibals from climbing the wall, though this isn't confirmed. Once built they have a small collision box which provides a sort of buffer that prevents cannibals from hitting walls, though this isn't true for mutants, however, the cannibals may jump on top of the spikes or glitch through and still hit the walls. Fast cannibals can jump on top of spikes and may leap over walls. Mounting decorations on the wall behind the spikes may prevent this. Defensive Wall Spikes are generally expensive and best only build on key sections of walls you cannot defend yourself.


Defensive WallSpikes Stick Rock

Cost is dependent on the size of the defensive wall. The cost is calculated as follows:

Stick Count = (Wall length in logs * 2), Rock Count = (Wall length in logs * 3)


Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.66 (Performance) Simplified physics setup of defensive wall reinforcements
v0.48 (Building) Added collision to defensive wall reinforcement spikes

(Building) Revamped defensive wall reinforcement placement with the new cast based targeting system (Multiplayer) Fixed defensive wall reinforcement possibly not loading for clients in bigger games or laggy conditions

v0.43 It is no longer possible to place a defensive wall reinforcement on gate chunks
v0.25 (multiplayer) Fixed Defensive Wall Reinforcement sometimes doubling up
v0.24 (multiplayer) Fixed client unable to finish defensive wall reinforcement
v0.23 Defensive Wall Reinforcement added to the game

New building: Defensive wall reinforcement ! (can be found in the decoration page, but nevertheless increases the wall strength by 45%)

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