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Heavy Duty Bird Netting [All Mesh Sizes]

Heavy Duty Bird Netting [All Mesh Sizes]

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Ultra strong bird netting made from high density polyethylene. Manufactured to last up to 20 years, this netting is 100% waterproof, non-stretch and UV stabilized.

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Industrial Strength Black Bird Netting For Gardens and Buildings

For the only bird control netting you’ll ever need look no further than Net World Sport’s Heavy Duty Bird Netting. With a high density polyethylene composition, this sensational netting is crafted from a 1mm (3/64”) twine making it barely visible yet uber effective.

Our finest mesh size, the 19mm (3/4") anti bird netting, is designed specifically to prevent sparrow infestation. These small birds can get through very small gaps in the roof of buildings or structures and cause endless problems in your home. Use our high quality bird netting as a preventative measure, rather than using expensive reactive measures such as calling pest control.

If you need to prevent pesky starlings from feeding on your home-grown fruit and vegetables, the 28mm (1 1/8") anti bird netting for gardens is all you will ever need. The fine mesh size makes it impossible for your crops to be stolen or damaged.

Pigeon netting has long been the saviour for many towns and cities. Our 48mm (2") bird netting is the most humane and effective way to prevent droppings in crowded areas, infestation in buildings and structures, as well as proving just as effective at keeping them enclosed.

For coastal towns and cities seagulls can at times become unbearable, with their non-stop squawking causing noise pollution amongst other things. The 75mm (3") anti bird netting is strong enough to bear the full force of any seagull and will put an end to your problems in no time with super speedy delivery from Net World Sports.



  • Mesh sizes: 19mm (3/4”), 28mm (1 1/8”), 48mm (2”), 75mm (3”)
  • Twine size: 1mm (3/64”)
  • Heights available: 15ft (4.6m), 20ft (6.1m), 25ft (7.6m) and 50ft (15.2m). 20ft is only available with a 28mm (1/18”) mesh size.


  • High density polyethylene
  • UV Light stabilized to remain pristine even in the most intense sunlight
  • 100% waterproof, non-stretch and chemically inert


  • Netting color: Black
  • 15kg break threshold
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