Copper wire mesh

Copper wire mesh for interior decoration in building and construction industries. Copper woven wire mesh for architectural & decorative applications for a kitchen, office, retails, hotel, hospital, shopping centres, cabinet decoration, bar, and nightclub.

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Product Description

What is Pure Copper?

Pure copper is a material which is made of natural copper, there are also trace amounts of other elements so it cannot be said that pure copper is 100% copper. The approximation of natural copper in pure copper is 99.98%.

Since most of the pure copper is natural, the product, over time will become verdigris (change colour). Copper is easy to cut and form since it is very soft.

Copper wire mesh is a plain square weave (over one, under one) wire mesh fabric. Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is easily soldered. Copper mesh is ductile and malleable, but not as strong as brass or stainless steel woven wire mesh.

Copper Wire Mesh – Examples of Uses

  • Snail control – any copper mesh may be used (selection would be based on strength and appearance). The snail receives a small but unpleasant electrical shock when it contacts copper mesh. Gardeners build small ground barrier strips or wrap stems and trunks with mesh bands. 8 mesh would be a good choice for small snail fences. 22 mesh is a sturdy, easily formed mesh that wraps easily.
  • Application for copper woven wire mesh insect screen – 16 mesh, 0.23mm wire diameter used in furniture, root control, RFI shielding, cabinet screens, and ornaments.
  • Faraday cages, ground planes and counterpoise for antennas
  • Sculpture, copper decorative lamps, papermaking
  • Orgone energy boxes

Plain Weave

Plain weave woven wire cloth is used for the majority of wire cloth woven by A1 Metal Mesh Screens. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below every weft wire and vice versa.

Warp and weft wires are normally of the same diameter.

Plain weaves are used for the majority of commercial applications and for filtration where a high flow rate is required.


Product name Mesh wire dia mm Aperture mm Micron
Copper mesh 8 0.7 2.48 2475.00
Copper mesh 16 0.28 1.31 1307.50
20 0.2 1.07 1070.00
20 0.3 0.97 970.00
100 0.1 0.15 154.00


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copper wire mesh