Galvanized iron wire, as our primary products, falls into two major kinds
according to the finishes. One is electro galvanized wire while the other is
hot dipped zinc coated galvanized wire.


Straightened Cut Wire

We offer galvanized wire in cut length. This kind of highly resistant wire is used to packing various materials, namely in the fibre industry, sponges, etc.

We can also supply annealed wire or black iron wire cut to certain length.
Materials: Carbon steel wire, iron wire.
Size: We can supply cut wire with various wire diameters; the cut length can be varied according to the customers requirements.

Cut to size tie wire is commonly made of black wire, annealed wire, galvanized wire, pvc coated wire and painted iron wire. Straightended cut wires are easy for packing, binding and tying uses. Gauge ranges from 8# to 23# (wire diameter 0.6mm-4.5mm), length varies according to requirements.

Galvanized Cut Wire Ties (Hot-dip galvanized or pre-galvanized finish).

Electric galvanized high tensile steel cut tie wire

Material: Galvanized iron wire, cold drawn iron wire or PVC coated galv. iron wire
Gauge: BWG5-BWG23 (0.6-5.0mm)
Length: 5cm-500cm, or as the customer's requirement.
Usage: Widely used in building, construction, making or handcraft, etc.
Galvanized Cut Wire is eEfficient in anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
Silver color or Electro galvanized
Packing: 1-100kgs/bundles
Thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating.

Black Annealed Cut Wire

The straight cut wires are produced from black iron or annealed galvanized finish.
Cut to desired length for rebar installers, fence installers, distributors and concrete construction contractors.
Wire diameter: 0.30mm to 5.50mm.
Length: 120mm to 600mm
Tensile strength: 350-550 N/MM2
Packing: carton and pallet.
Bundles of 1kg, 2kgs, 2.5kgs and 5kgs, 10kgs/cardboard
Small pack sizes that can be used by designers or retailers.

0.6mm soft annealed steel straight cutting wire

Looped Cut Tie Wire Cut lengths wire can be made with looped ends.
We supply following types:
Cut Black Annealed Wire, 1.2mm x 190mm, 1kg per bundle, 20bundles in a carton.

Cut and looped baling wire
5000 kilos 3.65mm x 3000mts galvanised quick link wire(Jam lock).
9000kilos 3.3mm x 4800mm cut and looped baling wire Black annealed.
10000kilos 3.1mm x 4300mm cut and looped baling wire black annealed.

Galvanizing Wire ( Straightened cut tie wire Annealed and Galvanized cut to size, for tire rebar )
Size: 1mmX400mmX20 Kg/Box or 1mmX500mmX 20 Kg/Box.

Wire Processing

Material to be processed: Black and bright iron wire, fire wire, electro galvanized wire, hdg wire, plastic coated wire and painted iron wire.

Processing steps involved: Straightenining of wires, measuring of sizes, cut of wires.

Then quality checking and bundling and packing.

According to the specific requirements of importers / wholesalers / distributors, we can process all kinds of special specifications; at the same time, we can process with incoming materials.

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Straight Cut Wire