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Crossword Answers: defensive barrier
STOCKADE Defensive barrier
BARRICADE Defensive barrier
RAZOR WIRE Defensive barrier
RAMPART Defensive barrier
PARAPET Wall-like defensive barrier (7)
MOATS Water-filled ditches which served as a defensive barrier around medieval castles
PALISADE Ally that is holding down defensive barrier (8)
MAGINOT ___ Line, French defensive barrier created in the 1930s (7)
IDOCRASE Supply one at short notice, by the end, to help build a defensive barrier (8)
PALISADES Defensive barriers
ABATIS Defensive obstacle made of sharpened branches
STOCKADES Defensive barriers
TROU DE LOUP Historical pit containing a vertical stake, used as a defensive obstacle (4-2-4)
O N E M "Get ___!" (defensive coach's shout)
MURPHY S LAW Adage of defensive design
KEITH WASHINGTON Baltimore Ravens defensive end
PRESS Basketball defensive tactic
SAFETY BELTS Body blocks by a defensive back?
LETT Cowboy defensive tackle Leon
SPELLMAN Defensive end Alonzo
Purchaser of goods
Make merry
Reed instrument
Long deep wounds
Big lie (coll)

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defensive barrier