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Diamond mesh gives an affordable way to secure houses and gardens

Diamond mesh is a kind of mesh with diamond mesh opening. According to production processes, diamond mesh can be divided into: woven diamond mesh (that is chain link fence) and expanded diamond mesh. It can be grouped into three types depending on different materials to be used - galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel. Chain Link Fence is made of high quality galvanized wire, PVC wire or stainless steel wire. Chain link fence mesh is manufactured with uniform mesh opening, smooth surface. Simultaneously, its durability, elegant appearance and easy installation allows for popular applications. PVC coated chain link fence are designed with various colors to blend with or decorative the surroundings. Diamond mesh is widely applied in highway, railway, stadium, slope protection and other facilities. It can also be used to enclose chicken, ducks, geese, rabbits and other poultry.

Expanded diamond mesh is manufactured by stretching or punching steel sheet into diamond shape. Long service life, rigidity as well as appearance ensures it popular application of protective fencing, decorative netting and mesh enclosure.

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