Welded Galvanized Wire Mesh Gabions


Weld mesh gabions are manufactured from cold drawn steel wire electrically welded together. The wire is S.S. , Hot Dip Galvanised or Alu-Zinc coated, ensuring a longer life. The meshes can then be polymer coated against corrosion and other weathering effects when used in salty and highly polluted environments.

Gabion sizes:
1x1x1m welded gabion
1.5x0.5x0.5m gabion
1.5x1x1m gabion
2x1x1m gabion
500x500x500mm (Isreal)

Steel mesh size 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 X 1/2", others.
Galfan gabions of welded mesh size: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, others.

Hot dip zinc coated;
Electro galvanized;
Plastic / polyester coated green, black, grey;

American Standard Welded Wire Mesh Gabions

Galvanized wire mesh gabions, welded in sizes: 3'x3'x6' , 3'x3'x12', 18"x 32"
Mesh type: Square Hole
Galvanzing: Hot dip zinc galvanized
With door on the 18" side.
Standard: American standard

Gabion boxes 3'x3'x4' of welded wire sheet

Container cages of hot dipped galvanized welded mesh grid
Rock Gabions with nonwoven fabric and mesh fabric, USA standard


Galvanized Welded Gabion Box

To Jordan

Galvanized welded box gabions
Size 432 cm x 108 cm x 138 cm
Mesh 7.5 x7.5 cm net
Diameter of wire 4 mm
Tensile strength 650
with covering fabric inside box


Basket Gabions Units Binding by Lacing Wire, Fixing with Clips

2.0m x 1.0m x 1.0m weldmesh gabion baskets with central partition,
meeting England standard:
Gabion units shall be fabricated from electrically welded mesh panels compliant with bs en 10218-2 bs en 10244-2
Welded mesh size shall be 762mm x 762mm x 3mm nominal wire diameter
Welded mesh wires shall have a tensile strength in the range 540-770 n/mm2, steel grade 0.10% arbon max, weld shear strength shall be a minimum 75% of the tensile strength of the wire
Corrosion protection to welded mesh panels lacing wire shall be tripple life galfan coating(95% zinc, 5% aluminium)
Gabion units factory assembled with stainless steel clips connecting side panels diaphragms to the base panel
Gabion units provided with lacing wire for site assembly, and lacing wire minimum wire 2.2mm for final jointing.
Cross-ties provided at 1m maximum horizontal centres before filling: the cross-ties shall comprise either internal welded mesh diaphragms or a double thickness of lacing wire positioned at mid-height
Adjacent gabion units jointed by continuous lacing across the joints at the front rear faces. The lids shall be wired down on all joints across the diaphragms
Gabion flll shall be hard, durable non frost susceptible rock the fill shall be graded 100-200mm, with 90% being retained on a 100mm diameter ring
The fill shall be carefully packed to minimize voids distortion of the gabion unit.


Binding Wire is needed for securing gabions panels:

Material: Inox / SS wire, hot dipped galvanized wire


For projects with high requirements for corrosion resistance, hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel welded mesh are used:

Gabions Weld Mesh

Steel mesh welded in SS INOX 304 or hot dip zinc coating wire material.


Welded gabions are popularly made of square mesh, rectangular hole mesh also available



Modular Welded Gabions Project

We supply Welded Wire Net Gabion Basket for Harbor Enhancement Projects

We supply gabion basket manufacture cut sheets or product informational materials for approval.
We supply the following products or materials samples for approval:

  1. Gabion basket welded wire mesh sample, minimum 12 inch square.
  2. Gabion basket lacing sample or other joint tying product according to customers requirements.
  3. Stone fill samples, minimum 10 total pieces of varying specified size range.

We build a mockup to verify selections made under sample submittals and to demonstrate aesthetic effects and set quality standards for materials and execution:

  1. Construct at least one (1) 3 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot (one cell) mockup of assembled gabion, complete with specified stone fill, for review and approval by customers.
  2. Contractor may utilize mockup in final constructed installation provided that the mockup is located correctly on the project site and includes all required base materials, geotextile and other construction requirements according to these specifications and the project drawings.



Gabion baskets to consist of square wire mesh and be factory fabricated. The sides, ends, lid and internal diaphragms readily assemble at site into rectangular baskets of sizes as indicated. Gabions shall conform to the following:

  1. The welded wire connections shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A185, including wire smaller than W1.2 (0.124 in.); except that the welded connections shall have minimum average shear strength of 70% and minimum shear strength of 60% of the minimum ultimate tensile strength of the wire. The wire mesh shall be galvanized before forming into mesh.
  2. Mesh Size: Mesh openings shall be square 3-inch by 3-inch
  3. Mesh Wire: Nominal wire shall be minimum 3.0 mm in diameter
  4. Corrosion Protection: Wire shall be triple life (95% Zinc, 5% Aluminum) coated or approved equal, to ensure corrosion protection.
  5. Jointing: Gabions shall be provided with lacing wire for site assembly. Lacing wire shall be a minimum wire diameter as provided or recommended by the manufacturer (all in accordance with the corrosion specified) for final jointing.



The foundation on which the gabions are to be placed shall be cut or filled and graded to the lines and grades shown on the drawings. Surface irregularities, loose material, vegetation, and all foreign matter shall be removed from foundation surface area. When fill is required, it shall consist of materials conforming to the specified requirements. Gabions and bedding or specified geotextiles shall not be placed until the subgrade preparation is completed, and the subgrade surfaces have been inspected and approved.

Placement of separation geotextile and placement and compaction of stone base material will be required per plans and specifications. The surface of the finished material shall be to grade and free of mounds or dips. Extra care should be taken with stone base preparations in order to ensure a level and smooth surface for placement of baskets.

Drainage and filter geotextile fabrics shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the plans and specifications. Ensure drainage fabric extends up rear faces of gabions, adjacent to soil retention, to prevent soil migration into stone fill material during and after construction.



Assemble baskets, modular diaphragms, stiffeners, and join adjacent baskets together, so that joints are as strong as mesh.

Place baskets in position prior to filling with stone fill material. Place the empty gabions on the foundation and interconnect the adjacent gabions along the top, bottom, and vertical edges using lacing wire or spirals.



After adjacent empty wire gabion units are set to line and grade and common sides properly connected, they shall be placed in straight-line tension to gain a uniform alignment. Staking of the gabions may be done to maintain the established proper alignment prior to the placement of rock. No temporary stakes shall be placed through geotextile material. Pre-formed stiffeners or connecting lacing wire may be attached during the filling operation to preserve the strength and shape of the structure.

The gabions shall be carefully filled with the stone fill material, using a combination of machine and hand methods, ensuring alignment, avoiding bulges, and providing a compact mass that minimizes voids. Machine placement will require supplementing with handwork to ensure the desired results.

  1. Fill baskets with stone materials in multiple lifts, as appropriate, to minimize voids.
  2. On exposed faces of gabions, place stones by hand with flattest surfaces bearing against face mesh to produce satisfactory alignment and appearance.
  3. The cells in any row shall be filled in stages so that the depth of rock placed in anyone cell does not exceed the depth of rock in any adjoining cell by more than 12 inches.
  4. The last layer of rock shall be uniformly leveled to the top edges of the gabions.

Units shall be filled such that the mesh lid bears onto the stone fill. The lid shall be wired down on all joints and across the diaphragms. The use of crowbars or other single point leverage bars for lid closing is prohibited due to the potential for damage to the baskets.

Any damage to the wire or coatings during assembly, placement and filling shall be repaired promptly or the units shall be replaced with undamaged gabion baskets.

We welcome and help design modular gabions units.


More Applications - Welded Mesh Gabions also Used in mass gravity retaining wall, decorative cladding and defensive barrier

The welded wire structure offers flat cladding and strong barrier filled with sand and rocks. Gabion weldmesh galvanised or stainless steel is rigid with no bends in the wire, making a uniform cladding effect. Welded gabion wall cladding is used for architectures in USA market and some Euro countries.

Gabion Cladding achieves constructional and aesthetic effects by securing a textured finish to buildings and walls.

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