Shifting from Order-Driven to Outgoing Manufacturing

The rhombic wire mesh manufactured by Kyowakogyo Co., Ltd. is used in a variety of places, from the familiar playground fences to the strong wire mesh used to prevent falling rocks. The factory manufactures materials that are used in all sorts of places, from large-scale public works to the inside of the home. In addition to receiving orders for various types of wire mesh and delivering them as materials, the company also focuses on the development of new products using its own wire mesh. This project represents the challenging attitude of Mr. Morinaga, the representative of the company, towards manufacturing, and we decided to develop new products using wire mesh based on this communicative attitude for this project.

The Memory of the Warmth of Wire Mesh

The rhombic wire mesh I experienced at Kyowakogyo was different from the cold, inorganic image of metal. It was soft and bendy and had a warm feel and weight to it. They seemed to be connected to our memories, like the feeling, sound and deflection of the wire mesh when we put our hands on it. The Net Bench is a modular bench that allows you to enjoy this analogue feeling. It has a sharp, precise appearance and a soft, flexible seat that supports the body. The rhombus-shaped wire netting can be adjusted to any length, making it a modular bench that can be used in a wide range of situations.

Designer's voice

When I first met Mr. Morinaga, I felt the passion behind his sincere and gentle tone. After spending a lot of time with him, I realized that his love for work and manufacturing is unbelievable. He uses his own bag made of wire mesh, and on his left hand he has his own accessory made of wire mesh. Morinaga is the second generation to take over the company from his father. I felt very happy to have been able to participate in this project, and to have been able to witness his extraordinary determination and responsibility for the products he has inherited.

Kyowakogyo Co., Ltd.

Established in 1982. The company specializes in the manufacture of diamond-shaped wire mesh (net fence). Exploring and realizing the possibilities of rhombic wire mesh in terms of materials, colors and patterns, and has been providing "safety" and "security" in various aspects of our lives. The weaving of a single strand of wire is like knitting, flexible yet strong, and we continue to actively propose new values for rhombic wire mesh.


Representative of JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO. He has been involved in the design and development of a wide range of products, from furniture, home appliances, eyewear to automobiles, with an approach that communicates the concept and story of the project through a clear formative expression. He has won numerous awards including the iF DESIGN AWARD, GOOD DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award, and is a member of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD jury.

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