Welded gabions retaining wall are popular in architectural applications

Whereas Maccaferri Double Twist woven steel wire mesh gabions are used in demanding engineering and geotechnical applications welded gabions are popular in architectural applications, or low height structures where there is minimal risk of differential settlement.

The philosophy of the Welded gabion is similar to our woven units; our welded gabion units consist of panels of quality welded wire mesh, secured together to form a gabion unit, which is filled on site with gabion stone to form the appropriate structure.

Architectural and landscaping are popular uses for these units, as they have a formal appearance when filled correctly with quality stone. Our welded mesh gabion units have been successfully used within free standing retaining walls, cladding and other features within the built environment.

As with all gabion solutions, they have to be designed to meet the requirements of the project.

Welded mesh gabion units should not be used in watercourses due to the risk of differential settlement.