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A range of security fencing and gate solutions from Zaun is suitable for a wide variety of applications – from military bases, prisons, cash centres, mental health units and more.

Our fences include independent accreditations from LPCB for LPS1175, CPNI and the Police Preferred Specification (Secured by Design). These accreditations provide a guaranteed minimum delay against forcible attacks with times ranging from 60 seconds to 5 minutes, using a specified toolkit.

All our fencing systems can be designed and manufactured with a wide variety of security additions, including toppings and detection technology to complete your perimeter.

Independently Tested and Approved Fencing

High-Security Perimeter Fencing Systems

Zaun’s security fencing provides customers with fully integrated perimeter security and access control solutions for many applications, from aesthetically pleasing fence designs to highly secure and intimidating. Our specialist security experts have specifically designed Zaun’s range of fencing to provide the highest level of protection available.

Zaun’s range of security fencing allows our customers to have complete peace of mind and provides the highest level of protection against thieves and intruders. Zaun’s security perimeter protection range includes a wide variety of products, each with its own attributes, which allows the customer to choose the right height and integrated solutions specific to their needs.

With our expert in-house design team and experience working on some of the most prestigious security projects, Zaun has the products and expertise to deal with the ever-changing demands and new treats of the high-security market.

Our comprehensive Security Fencing range includes products with various security requirements, including, Approved for UK Government use; for details, contact CPNI. All provide our customers with the best security systems, with the highest levels of testing.

Zaun understands that it is not just one element of high security that protects the perimeter; it is the whole integrated solution that protects key assets and deters, detect, delay and frustrate attempts to gain unauthorised access. Zaun’s range of high security integrated systems feature various security products from physical fences, gates, barriers to detection systems such as Pulse Monitored electric fences and Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).

High Security Fences

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