Knitted Copper Wire Mesh for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultrural Use

100% copper knitted mesh

Knitted copper wire mesh has the same structure as stockings or sweaters. The copper gauze is made of pure copper wire knit into a continuous flat double-thick stocking. 100% copper material is never rust during its long lifespan.

Knitted copper mesh is widely used in industrial industry and used as rodent exclusion mesh

What We Supply

Single round wire – knitted copper mesh

Double round wire – knitted copper mesh

Single flat wire – knitted copper mesh

Double flat wire – knitted copper mesh

Multi-strand round wire – ginning type – knitted copper mesh

Common Specifications of Copper Knitted Mesh
Type Wire Diameter (mm) Width (mm) Number of Stitches/cm on Length Number of Stitches/cm Across Lay Flat
Fine Mesh 0.08–0.18 6–30 3.5 4.4
Medium-fine Mesh 0.16 40–600 2.4 3.5
Standard Mesh 0.18–0.35 30–1300 1.6 1.9
Coarse Mesh 0.25–0.40 30–1300 1.6 0.74
Super Coarse Mesh 0.4–0.5 100–350 0.5 0.5

Pre-filter for Diesel Fuel Filtering System

Compressed copper knitted mesh for diesel fuel filtration.

Compressed copper knitted mesh for diesel fuel filtration system.

Diesel fuel filtration compressed copper knitted mesh OD.

Diesel fuel filtration compressed copper knitted mesh ring OD.

Cleaning Materials

Knitted copper mesh can also be used to clean plastic/rubber/fiber extrusion equipment, molds/dies, screws and similar machinery, while the machine or molds are still hot, fast and efficient. Therefore, our knitted copper mesh are very economical where products/machine parts purity/clearance requires frequent maintenance.

Multi-strand round wire/ginning type/ Knitted copper mesh for cleaning of our screw and barrel of melt flow indexer and rheometer.

Knitted copper mesh can be made into copper scrubbers for industrial cleaning.

Screw and barrel cleaning

Mechanical part cleaning with copper scrubber.

Rodent proof materials

  • Rodent exclusion.
  • Stuffing holes of houses, floors to keep unwanted animals away.
  • It can be used as stuf-fit copper mesh.

Prevent insects from entering from pipe gap.

Prevent rodents and insects from entering house.

Garden Guarder

  • It can protect your seedlings, vegetables and fruits from snails and other pests. its knitted construction often catches rodents' teeth and makes it hard for them to chew through or remove. Besides, copper mesh never rusts. It can keeps repel slugs, snails and other small pests out from your house or garden.

Seedling protection

Vegetables protection

Advantages of knitted copper mesh

  • 100% copper – never rust.
  • Safe, soft copper won't scratch or mar.
  • Easy cut and operate in craftwork designs.
  • Tough interlocking loops won't pull apart
  • Non-flammable.
  • Its special interlocking loop which acts as a small spring. When subjective to tensile or compressive stresses, knitted wire mesh will not distort beyond its yield point. And the knitted mesh will resume its original shape when stress is moved. In addition, copper mesh will not be troubled by rust and corrosion problems. For this reason, copper wire mesh is often used in outdoor applications such as gardens and roofs.

Available in 20', 30', 60' and 100' lengths and 12", 18" and 24" heights.

Strict QC System

Wire thickness test

Wire width test

Mesh size test

Details of ginning type copper knitted mesh

Package of ginning type copper knitted mesh

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