Mesh Tube

Filter tube with 15mm stainless pipe end.

All our wire mesh types can be rolled and seam welded into a tube with with various seam and end finishes. These can be fitted to Y filter strainers or a number of other filter housings.



2 - 500 mesh


4mm+. Minimum diameter depending on mesh count, no maximum diameter.


Overlapped by 2mm and seam welded is normal, but lapped seams can be welded to offer no sharp edges inside, or no sharp edges outside. Double lapped seams are also possible to give no sharp edges inside or out. Lapped seams are standard on 80 - 400 mesh.


The tube ends can be left as straight cut, welded onto a rigid pipe or rings, capped, or flattened and welded.


Orders for single quantity requirement are welcome, significant price breaks are offered for multiple unit orders, or sets, of the same size, but different mesh counts.

Special requirements

We are always happy to take on special requirements.

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