Archant Wovenpanelᵀᴹ

Your decorative wire mesh solution

Archant is proud to be offering our unique decorative surface we call Wovenpanel™. We’ve seen it used in incredible ways, transforming spaces both residential and commercial. 

Wovenpanelᵀᴹ can be used widely throughout your designs, from intricate design highlights to large-scale applications to create an extraordinary and bespoke aesthetic. Archant Wovenpanelᵀᴹ are sheets of woven wire mesh that can be cut into panel sizes depending on your project. Available in a variety of designs and finishes. 

With over 100 years of experience in producing woven and welded mesh, Wovenpanelᵀᴹ sheets are manufactured in USA using the finest base materials and advanced finishing processes enabling a collection that is superior in quality and diverse in its finishes.

WOVENPANELᵀᴹ is a trademark of Archant Ltd. All rights reserved.

A decorative woven wire mesh range
for architects and interior designers.

Range of styles stocked in NZ, 100’s more available

Archant Wovenpanel™ is available in a wide range of styles and finishes. With products stocked in New Zealand and 100's more available, you can guarantee we have a Wovenpanel™ suitable for your design. 

Our Wovenpanel™ range includes large mesh sizes through to fine mesh sizes and even includes opaque mesh.

This unique wire mesh solution can help create just about any design aesthetic you can imagine.

Freedom in design application

Wovenpanel™ is a gorgeous architectural mesh that’s making big waves in the design world. The only limitation is your imagination.

Architects and Interior Designers love Wovenpanel™ for its unique ability to breathe new life into a design.

Some choose to feature it in intricate details, while others prefer large-scale applications.

Our Wovenpanel™ range has hundreds of application options from room dividers, statement fireplace, ceiling details, benchtop cladding and many more.

Bespoke fabrication & installation

Archant provides an end-to-end fabrication service to ensure you have peace of mind that your Wovenpanel™ will be fabricated and delivered to the highest quality.

This game changing product offers designers an opportunity to re-envision a space and create something totally new and dynamic.

Simply send us your design drawings to quote and once accepted, we will cut the Wovenpanel™ to size and work with a preferred installer in your area to install your Wovenpanel™.

Where to use Archant Wovenpanelᵀᴹ

Our Wovenpanel™ Collection

View our full range of Wovenpanel products, available in a variety of finishes, weaves and sizes.

How to purchase Wovenpanelᵀᴹ

Archant provides two easy ways for you to purchase Wovenpanelᵀᴹ for your project. We have the full-size Wovenpanelᵀᴹ sheets available for purchase, or you can request a quote and use our end-to-end fabrication service to have the sheets cut to the size of the panels you require.

What do you want to do?

At Archant, we’re constantly exploring new ways to offer a world-class design surface. Whether you are reading about Wovenpanel™ for the first time or have your plans drawn up ready to go we can help. Think of architectural mesh as an innovative product that can be used to breathe new life into any project big or small. Create harmony in your design, or add contrast and texture. With this added touch of elegance, you'll be sure to make a statement with Wovenpanel™.

Request a Sample

Our sample boxes are available to purchase from our website. You can order WovenpanelSingle Samples to view these samples or view large sheets for free in our Showrooms or via our sales team. 

Want to include it in your next project or like to learn more about this new product? Book a presentation with our Wovenpanel™ experts either in your studio or in one of our showrooms at a time that suits you.

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