Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

Key Features:

1. Excellent filtration performance

2. No pressure drop

3. High strength mesh

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is woven by taking shut and warp wires in the different diameters. Shute wire has smaller diameter in microns that is woven with warp wire of bigger diameter.  The shute wire is tightly woven  to produce high strength mesh while allowing smooth flow.

The size of thinner wire is in microns and is woven tightly together offering a tight wire mesh for filtration operations. The bigger wire strengthens the mesh. The Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is used in the filtration and separation of liquid and slurry materials.

Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Characteristics

1. Warp wire has bigger dia than shute wire
2. Shute wires are possibly bound close to each other
3. High accuracy
4. Nominal or no pressure loss while filtration
5. Supreme filtration surface
6. More stable than square and rectangular wire mesh

Plain Dutch weave mesh materials Pure Metals Nickel Alloys Heating Alloys Stainless Steels
Mesh size Up to 100m x 1.2m (l x b)
Further services Cleaning, slitting, shearing, calendaring, stretching & annealing

Our product maintains the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. All of our wire mesh products can be supplied meeting ASTM standards. It is stocked in the several specifications to assure quick delivery.

We offer a broad range of plain Dutch weave mesh that is highly recommended for its large surface structure. The product has competency to obtain high flow levels and nominal pressure drop. These are commonly used for filter candles in edible oil refining, large mechanical loads for pre-coat filters, food and pharmaceutical filtration. We deliver the greater quality plain Dutch weave mesh that is highly reckoned in woven wire filter cloths.

Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Specifications

PER 100 SQ.’
PDW 8X20 0.014 0.0126 330-350  280   49
PDW 12X64 0.024 0.0165 270-290  200   84
PDW 14X88 0.02 0.013 220-240  150   75
PDW 16X80 0.0169 0.0134 225-235  140   79
PDW 24X110 0.015 0.01 115-125  80   55
PDW 30X150 0.009 0.007 110-112  63   33
PDW 40X200 0.007 0.0055 70-75  55   27
PDW 50X250 0.0055 0.0045 58-63  40   22
PDW 80X400 0.005 0.003 40-45  35   17
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