Plain Weave

Plain Weave

The most common weave with warp and shute wires passing alternately over and under each other, keeping a constant distance between adjacent ones, respectively.

Click on image to enlarge. * The images are different in size from the real products.
Plain Weave (2 to 4 mesh)
2 mesh 3 mesh 3 mesh
1.5Φ×2.0m/s(11.2 mm opening) 1.5Φ×3.0m/s(6.97 mm opening) 1.1Φ×3.0m/s(7.37 mm opening)
4 mesh 4 mesh 4 mesh
1.5Φ×4.0m/s(4.85 mm opening) 1.1Φ×4.0m/s(5.25 mm opening) 0.8Φ×4.0m/s(5.55 mm opening)


Plain Weave (5 to 6 mesh)
5 mesh 5 mesh 5 mesh
1.5Φ×5.0m/s(3.58 mm opening) 1.1Φ×5.0m/s(3.98 mm opening) 0.8Φ×5.0m/s(4.28 mm opening)
6 mesh 6 mesh 6 mesh
1.5Φ×6.0m/s(2.73 mm opening) 1.1Φ×6.0m/s(3.13 mm opening) 0.8Φ×6.0m/s(3.43 mm opening)


Plain Weave (7 to 10 mesh)
7 mesh 8 mesh 8 mesh
0.8Φ×7.0m/s(2.83 mm opening) 1.1Φ×8.0m/s(2.08 mm opening) 0.8Φ×8.0m/s(2.38 mm opening)
8 mesh 9 mesh 10 mesh
0.57Φ×8.0m/s(2.61 mm opening) 0.8Φ×9.0m/s(2.0 mm opening) 1.1Φ×10m/s(1.44 mm opening)
10 mesh 10 mesh 12 mesh
0.8Φ×10m/s(1.74 mm opening) 0.47Φ×10m/s(2.07 mm opening) 0.47Φ×12m/s(1.65 mm opening)


Plain Weave (16 to 50 mesh)
16 mesh 16 mesh 16 mesh
0.47Φ×16m/s(1.12 mm opening) 0.29Φ×16m/s(1.3 mm opening) 0.2Φ×16m/s(1.39 mm opening)
20 mesh 24 mesh 30 mesh
0.29Φ×20m/s(0.98 mm opening) 0.23Φ×24m/s(0.83 mm opening) 0.22Φ×30m/s(0.63 mm opening)


Plain Weave (32 to 50 mesh)
32 mesh 35 mesh
0.25Φ×32m/s(0.54 mm opening) 0.22Φ×35m/s(0.5 mm opening)
40 mesh 50 mesh
0.18Φ×40m/s(0.455 mm opening) 0.22Φ×50m/s(0.288 mm opening)


Plain Weave (60 to 150 mesh)
60 mesh 70 mesh
0.18Φ×60m/s(0.243 mm opening) 0.12Φ×70m/s(0.243 mm opening)
80 mesh 100 mesh
0.12Φ×80m/s(0.198 mm opening) 0.1Φ×100m/s(0.154 mm opening)


Plain Weave (150 to 200 mesh)
150 mesh 200 mesh
0.06Φ×150m/s(0.109 mm opening) 0.05Φ×200m/s(0.077 mm opening)


Custom-Made Plain Weave Wire Cloths
2Φ 2 mm opening 3Φ×10 mm opening


* The pictures of 150 to 200-mesh wire cloths were taken by placing them in front of a flower vase to show the visibility through the wire cloths.


Processing example of woven wire mesh

Also we have heard such processed products.



Sizing (screening), separation (filtering), refining, drying, reinforcement, catalysts, conveyors, shielding, and other industrial, mining and agricultural applications


Standard Products
Mesh 1 to 635 mesh (Please refer to the List of Wire Cloths for more details.)
Wire Diameter 6.00 to 0.020 mm (Please refer to the List of Wire Cloths for more details.)

Width of in-stock and standard items


0.91m(Brass, galvanized, etc.)

Wire cloths of other widths and lengths than those shown left can be produced upon request.

Length Length of in-stock and standard items: 30 m (roll)
Materials Stainless steel, pure nickel, Monel metal, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and aluminum alloys, iron, galvanized steel, PVC-coated iron, etc.
Note Special specifications not in the Mesh Tables can be addressed to upon request.
Plain Weave Mesh