Plain weave

In this kind of weaving, single weft and warp wires alternate over and under. The mesh is formed by perfect right angles. If necessary, the weft wire can be pre-crimped. The finest wire cloth manufactured using plain weave can have up to 8000 meshes per cm2. This maximum value applies to stainless steel; lower maximum values apply to wire cloths made of other materials. Plain weave is the most common type of weaving for most uses.


Wire cloths can be manufactured using all metal materials and alloys that can be drawn into wire, such as carbon steel, stainless steels, Nickel-Chromium alloys, pure metals.


Plain weave wire cloths can be supplied in rolls of various widths and lengths and in flat panels in different geometric shapes.


This type of wire cloth is used in different sectors (food, pharmaceutical, chemical, agrotechnical, etc.), generally for applications that require sieving, filtering and selection.

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