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Special welded wire mesh

Developing new field actively

TOAMI’s special welded wire mesh using technologies cultivated in welded wire mesh products.

Representative ones include wire mesh for glass and mesh fence for outer frame. These are applied to wider range such as interior and exterior use as well as ordinary aggregates.

Today, individual characteristics are sought even for housings and environments while life style changes from time to time. Application field of welded wire meshes is then expected to expand greatly. In addition to original functions of products, fresh beauty is added to some products. Thus, TOAMI has been developing new application field actively based on the welded wire mesh.

Wire mesh for glass

This wire mesh incorporates very thin wire for wire-reinforced sheet glass for fire protection, crime-prevention and safety improvement. TOAMI’s product are characteristic in that no air bubble is generated even after being sealed into glass.

Wire-reinforced sheet glass

Mesh fence

TOAMI’s mesh fence uses zinc plated wire, treated by chemical film and electrostatic powder coating and exhibits excellent rustproof effects. It has simple design taking advantage of straight lines and is beautifully colored. Since furring is formed with mesh as a unit, mesh fence is strong and has safety structure robust against wind pressure and shaking.

Mesh fence
Mesh fence
Mesh fence
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