Korea’s best surface processing technology - Most advanced painting technique, High corrosion resistance and excellent process ability, Beautiful surface

Production capacity - Pre-painted steel sheets: 210 thousand tons, galvanized steel sheets: 300 thousand tons, pickled & oiled steel sheets: 500 thousand tons

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Pre-painted Steel Sheet

SeAH Coated Metal manufactures 210 thousand tons of pre-painted steel sheets every year at two manufacturing lines. With its investment in high-tech equipments and endless efforts for quality improvement, it has been realizing excellent quality and gaining customers’ trust with efficient payment. It is growing into a company that specializes in surface treatment by spurring on the development of new products such as Chameleon steel sheet, print steel sheet, and Silver line steel sheet with new operation of No.2 CCL facility.

Scope of manufacturing and production capacity

Scope of manufacturing and production capacity
Classification Production Capacity
PPGI Thickness 0.23~1.6mm, Width 600~1600mm
AL Thickness 0.30~2.2mm, Width 600~1710mm


Plant roofs and walls, storehouses and prefabricated buildings, partitions, fire doors, signs, etc.
R.M.P (Regular Modified Polyester): Advanced facilities to produce unique and beautiful products based on order production
Roof materials, walls, partitions, fire doors, exterior materials, etc.
H.D.P. (High Durability Polyester): High weatherproof and heat resistant products very strong against climate change
Interior materials, refrigerators, gas stoves, washing machines, audios and other home appliances
H.P.P. (High Polymer Polyester): Has excellent exterior and elaborate surface
Interior and exterior materials for extreme corrosion such as areas with industrial pollution
P.V.D.F. (Polyvinylidene Fluoride): Ultra-corrosion resistant and chemically resistant products mostly used on hotels, department stores and office buildings
For hotels, department stores, government office buildings and composite panels
Pre-Painted Aluminum Coils: Top-quality pre-painted steel sheets used as interior and exterior materials for luxurious buildings, product with quality assurance of 25 years

Printed Steel Sheets

This product displays sophisticated and glamorous exterior upgraded from the dullness of former sheets by printing various colors of patterns on the surface in the offset method after base coating.
Use : Interior materials for general constructions, exterior materials, fire doors, lateral plates of home appliances, doors of home appliances

Chameleon Steel Sheets

To meet the market trend that demands more diverse and splendid colors, this product sustains its durability of fluorine paint while embodying more advanced colors than PVDF MICA and metallic paints by combining with high gloss FEVE coating, thereby satisfying the needs of consumers that seek more premium colored paints.
Use : Roof and building panels, building walls, other exterior materials

Matt Steel Sheets

This product uses texture particles to design the patterns of wrinkles softer and more luxurious, and is reinforced with wear resistance.
Use : Building interior/exterior materials

Anodizing Steel Sheets

This product has anodizing aluminum exterior by applying Lumiflon FEVE fluorine resin coating colored with a special paint that is clear and transparent, in addition to the unique exterior of brushed aluminum.
Use : Building interior/exterior materials

EMBO, 2 Pattern

This product has various colors and unique textures on the surface of the beautiful exterior.
EMBO Pattern : Leather Pattern, Stucco Pattern
Use : All buildings that emphasize their exterior, such as country houses, vacation homes, luxurious houses, service areas, etc.

Prepainted Steel Coil