RatMesh | Rat Proof Wire Mesh (1/4″ Galvanised Welded Mesh)

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Rat Proof Wire Mesh

RatMesh is our standard budget-level rat-proof wire mesh. It blocks both rats and mice, plus other unwanted creatures from gaining entry where they’re not wanted.

This great rodent mesh is used by professionals to prevent rats, mice and squirrels from gaining entry to buildings through vents, gaps, nooks and crannies. Ideal rodent fence for use in internal and external environments.

Quick info:

  • CORROSION RESISTANCE – Offers great corrosion and rust resistance due to the zinc coating
  • STRONG MESH – This 1/4″ x 1/4″ galvanised steel welded has a square hole size of just over 6mm which makes it the ideal rodent proof wire mesh
  • GALVANISED STEEL – This mesh is produced from zinc coated steel wire (galvanised steel). It is hot dipped after welding which provides additional resistance to corrosion as it protects the joins where the wires meet
  • GREAT TO USE – Rodent wire should be easy to cut and use as required. This rodent mesh is easy to unroll and cut with scissors and can be bent to suit as it’s welded, which is naturally more flexible than other types

Traditionally a woven mesh manufacturer, we ventured into offering welded mesh in 2017. Our 150 + years in the mesh industry allow us to secure the best possible quality stocks at the best price.

Cut this as required to fill gaps, nooks and crannies. This is used by professionals and the general public alike. It’s simply a good product for the task at a great price

No fixings are included. Use a strong adhesive (silicone) or simply screws to attach it as required.

Orders are picked and fulfilled by our amazing team at our Warrington factory within hours of order placement.

RatMesh & Rodent Mesh

As mesh specialists we offer an unparalleled range of options for keeping out both rats and mice. This RatMesh is a galvanised welded 6mm x 6mm square hole mesh. We also offer rodent wire mesh with smaller holes or thicker wires through the rodent mesh section of our site.

6mm square mesh provides an effective barrier to rats, but is also ideal to prevent mice as they cannot fit through a hole that small.

Stainless steel wire mesh is a harder material than mild steel and galvanised steel, so this is sometimes a preferred option for rat and mesh protection in office and factory environments. Stainless steel also offers additional resistance to corrosion and as a consequence is the more expensive option. Our stainless steel options with 1mm and 2mm hole sizes can also be used as an insect mesh as it blocks out larger insects including flies, bees, wasps and moths.

We have supplied rodent mesh to pest control specialists and large scale property companies to prevent pests from entering cavity walls and airbricks vents.

See our air brick cover range if you’d prefer a premade product for your needs.

Pest Proof Mesh Characteristics

Below is a quick breakdown of the key characteristics of this type of weld mesh:

  • Bending & Forming – Excellent. As steel wire is the core of this mesh this mesh is flexible. Steel wire is light and flexible, so the finished product is malleable
  • Corrosion Resistance – Good. It is produced from mild steel that has been zinc-dipped to give it a galvanised finish that protects it from the elements
  • Filtration – Poor. This mesh has a large open area, consequently it is popularly used as a fence or barrier. With 25mm holes, it is not commonly used for standard filtration applications
  • Welding – Possible. If the galvanized metal is properly prepared, they can be welded in the same way as uncoated steel
  • Painting – Poor. It’s best to paint plain steel since it doesn’t have a coating

How to install

Always try to eliminate previous infestations before using a rodent deterrent. Otherwise existing problems will simply be moved to a different point of the location in question.

Carry out research into the area in question. These points of ingress can be on higher levels as much as they’re likely to be on the ground floor.

Particular vulnerable points are:

  • Air bricks and vents. Particularly if they’re aged or damaged
  • Soffit and fascia boards. Again, this is even more likely if they’re aged or damaged
  • Pipework is a common entry point
  • Gaps in mortar and similar nooks and crannies

Good rodent mesh can be cut to size to suit and installed around gaps, vents, voids, air bricks and similar points of ingress.

This mesh requires heavy-duty scissors or tin snips. It can be affixed with silicone adhesive or self tapping screws.

About The Mesh Company

In 2008 Locker Wire Weavers launched The Mesh Company to bring our enormous range of wire mesh products to the general public for the first time. Previously wire mesh was only available for trade customers.

We continue to extend our range, and now proudly offer many forms of mesh and metal products for the best possible prices.  We specialise in woven wire mesh.  As a group we work closely with architects and designers to develop ground-breaking new applications for our multifunctional range of materials. We also offer state of the art fabrication and engineering for projects of all sizes.

Strong ties with the Warrington community continue to be at the very core of our business. We are proud to invest in the training and developing our staff of all levels in line with the traditions set by Thomas Locker, who founded our group 150 years ago when he invented the electronic loom. We continue to bring ingenuity and strong ethics to our day to day business.

The Mesh Company continues Warrington’s historic role in the wire industry. For more than 140 years, our group has been a leader in the supply and manufacture of woven wire mesh and wire cloth. Having been founded in Warrington, UK in 1878, Locker mesh products still retain the quality craftsmanship and spirit of innovation that were so characteristic then.

Available Options

You will find the range of rat proof wire mesh rolls available here to suit almost every requirement. The rolls are slit to smaller widths to go behind gutters and into soffits. Our customers also find that the smaller width rolls are easier to handle and cut to size. Most apertures that require rat proof mesh are smaller like airbrick vents

Please email us if you wish to discuss purchasing this mesh in larger roll sizes – sales@themeshcompany.com.

Feel free to call us if you wish to discuss any of our products – (+ 44) 01925 406 602. We are always happy to help in any way that we are able to.

We also offer this product through our highly popular eBay store, check us out there too.

Additional information

Rat Mesh

6m x 75mm x 1 Strip, 6m x 75mm x 2 Strips, 6m x 75mm x 3 Strips, 6m x 75mm x 4 Strips, 6m x 100mm x 1 Strip, 6m x 100mm x 2 Strips, 6m x 100mm x 3 Strips, 6m x 100mm x 4 Strips, 6m x 200mm x 1 Strip, 6m x 200mm x 2 Strips, 6m x 200mm x 3 Strips, 6m x 200mm x 4 Strips, 6m x 300mm x 1 Strip, 6m x 300mm x 2 Strips, 6m x 300mm x 3 Strips, 6m x 300mm x 4 Strips, 6m x 600mm x 1 Strip, 6m x 900mm x 1 Strip

3 reviews for RatMesh | Rat Proof Wire Mesh (1/4″ Galvanised Welded Mesh)

  1. Dan Roberts (verified owner)

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    Securing some cladding. Very easy to work with. Great product.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Verified review - view original

    Excellent product

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified review - view original

    Very sharp prongs top and bottom of width. Be careful when opening as it springs open when wrapping is removed

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