Razor Wire VS Barbed Wire

Razor wire and barbed wire are two common security fencing wires, which are designed with sharp edges or points to prevent unauthorized passing. They are very similar, but they also have many differences in materials, installation, use purposes, etc. Below Wanzhi Steel will help you to know the differences between razor wire and barbed wire. Also, we will help you to choose the most suitable wire for your projects. Keep reading for more details.

Razor Wire

GI Barbed Wire

What Is Razor Wire?

Razor wire is made of a high tensile strength strand wire and many razor-like edges, which are punched with galvanized or stainless steel sheets. The wire is extremely difficult to cut with manual equipment and twist due to its high strength. It usually has some common types, namely, straight wire, flat wrap razor wire, single-coil wire, and concertina wire coils, and welded mesh panels.

What Is Barbed Wire?

Barbed wire is armed with sharp edges or points along the line wire(s) at regular intervals. According to the strand structure, you can find single or double-strand barbed wires on the market. While in terms of the twist type, there are traditional twist and reverse twist wires for sale.

Razor Wire

Barbed Wires

Razor Wire VS Barbed Wire

Razor wire and barbed wire are serving for the same purpose. In addition, both of them can be used independently as fencing or combined with other mesh products. But which one is suitable for your project better? Below let’s review their differences.

1. Material & Structure

Barbed wire is available in low carbon steel wires, galvanized wires, PVC coated wires, as well as stainless steel wires. The high-tensile wire provides better stretchability and flexibility to resist outer pressure. While razor wire is a mesh of steel strips with sharp edges. It often uses high tension galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as core wire. And its blades are punched with galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets. More than that, The sharp barbs are punched with steel strips. While the barbed wire is made by twisting the barb wires at intervals along the strands.

2. Appearance

The most obvious difference between them lies in their design. Razor wire looks “modern” and attractive due to its shiny surface and single-wire structure. By comparison, barbed wire is simply twisted together. Besides, the sharp blades make razor wire more frightening and psychologically deterrent.

Razor Wire Fencing

Barbed Wire on Chain Link Fence

3. Price

Which one is cheaper? Barbed wire, of course. Comparatively speaking, razor wire is more expensive because it needs more raw materials, and its fabricating process is more complex. While the barbed wire is more economical due to its simple manufacturing process and no waste of raw materials. It is considered one of the more affordable types of wire fencing. But considering the durability, razor wire is more corrosion resistant and long-lasting to use than barbed wire.

4. Damage Extent

There is no doubt that razor wire is more injurious than barbed wire. With tightly connected coils, there is not enough space for people to pass through. And the sharp blades can easily rip and snag the clothes and flesh of the intruder. However, the barbed wire can only makes scratches on the clothing. It can be passed with protection, such as a thick carpet, or using wire cutters.

5. Installation

It is easier and faster to install barb wire than razor wire. It only needs fence posts, tie wires, and fixing devices, like nails. And even an unskilled worker can easily install it. While installing razor wire is more difficult. You need professional tools and workers. As mentioned, both of them can be used independently or used with other fencing products, even on top of the brick or concrete walls. Moreover, barbed wire and razor wire can be used together.

Razor Wire vs Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Cattle Fence

6. Applications

Razor wire has multiple sharp blades, which is more suitable for high-security applications, for example,
National borders;
Military barriers;
Governmental buildings;
Industrial and mining facilities (like factories and storage areas);
Detention camps;
Commercial and residential security applications, etc.
Barbed wire, however, mainly concentrates on isolation and prevention, ideal for residential, agricultural, and commercial uses, such as:
Cattle and livestock fencing;
Sports fields fencing;
Highways & railways fencing;
Grassland boundaries;
Forests or gardens fencing,
Schools or hospitals,
Residential areas, etc.

7. Maintenance

Both of them require less maintenance if installed properly. It is because galvanized steel products have excellent resistance to corrosion and weather. So there is no need to worry about maintenance issues.

Concertina Razor

Highway Fence


By comparing razor wire VS barbed wire, you may have a better understanding of them. Both of them are serving security purposes, and are widely used in many applications. At Wanzhi Steel, we offer galvanized barbed wire and razor wire in different sizes and designs. Besides, our professional team will help you get the most suitable solution according to your use purposes and budgets. So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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