Razor Wire Fence and Barbed Wire Fence Used Widely for Preventing

Anping County Yujun Metal Mesh Co., Ltd., is keen to designing and producing more efficient products for our customers. Many years efforts make Anping County Yujun Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. occupy take a place in wire mesh security market. We can supply you all kinds of products and service for your site security. One stop purchase from Design, customization, installation guidance and technology supports eliminate your worries.

Diverse security choice

Razor wire – concertina, welded or flat wrap.

Barbed wire – single & double twisted.

Chain link fencing – galvanized & PVC coated.

Welded wire mesh – galvanized & PVC coating.

Competitive advantages

Anti-corrosive materials – durable & long lasting.

Sharp points & edge – high security & defense.

Cost effective & high efficient.

Simple structure – easy installation & replace.

Security fencing & insulation

Military site & battleground.

Residence & garden.

Prison & detention house.

Government & organization.

From this web site, you also can find the technology support of our products, such as, razor concertina wire characteristics, specification and installation, razor barbed tape, and razor barbed wire fence application photos. If you want more information, please Email us via info@chinarazorwire.org. When quote or order, please indicate the details of the product attributes like the following:

Specifications of concertina barbed tape

  • Blade: 0.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet.
  • Core wire: 2.5 mm high tensile strength galvanized wire conforming with BS 443.
  • Coil setup length: 15 m.
  • Tape width: 15 mm.
  • No of turns: 56 nos.
  • Barbs: length 22 mm at 13 mm centers.
  • Clips: 27.8 mm × 9 mm × 1.45 mm -made out of galvanized sheet.
Hot Products

Razor Wire Fence

Razor wire fence is usually made of galvanized steel blade or stainless steel blade. Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire can be bounded together by clips to make it stronger.

Galvanized Barbed Wire

Galvanized wire is the most using material for barbed wire. Galvanized barbed wire cost low and resist corrosion. Barbed wire suits for many applications for security system.

Razor Wire Trailer Gallery

Here are some pictures of trailer wire trailer deployment details, including pictures of motor, handle, battery, axis of traction, window, hook, etc.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

We can supply galvanized chain link fence and PVC coated iron chain link fence. Chain link fence is mainly used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence.


Wall Spikes VS Barbed Wire

Compared with barbed wire, wall spikes take up less space, cost lower, but the firmness is stronger, deter effect is greater, used on gate, building wall, fence.

Different Applications for Razor Wire of Different Types

Razor wire is divided into welded, straight, flat, and concertina razor wire, with different types for different application scope, often used with barbed wire.

Barbed Wire Property Right Solution

Barbed wire property right solution now is apt for farm, plain, land. By combining with other fences, it can be used in prison, airport, factory, highway, wall.


Exactly what we want!

Our company has a warehouse and we have had a few break ins. We would like to try to up our security. And we bought the welded razor wire mesh. Since we received it, we haven't seen yet any signs of decay or rust. And it works well.

John, Brazil

Good recommendation!

I want to order galvanized barbed wire to string along the top of the wood fence that surrounds my back yard to keep squirrels from running along the fence, to keep cats from jumping the fence, and less so, people, to protect my vegetable garden and as added security for my yard. I don't want it to look like a prison camp. And the sales expert suggested the stainless steel barbed wire in single coil features more durability and is not so noticable.

Deborah, France

Good deal!

I'm looking for razor wire for closing the perimeter of my land. I'm interested in razor wire and I would like to try it. With the help of sales expert, I chose the razor wire in CBT-65 type with coil diameter 400 mm and 500 mm. It works well and I will buy more for my land in the future.

Flavio, Australia

It works perfect!

No doubt, this pack of barbed wire is the sharpest and most durable wire ever made. I love how it makes me feel secure every night. No more threats from the thieves and robberies in our area.

Dawie, Kuwait

Really shark razor!

I was looking for a defensive fence. Our house got broke into when my brother and I were sleeping. I am scared that the thieves will come back again, and I want the products to help me prevent those bad guys from jumping to our back yard again. Finally I bought the hot dipped galvanized razor wire CBT-65 type from this supplier. The razor is extremely sharp and I believe that thieves would not come back again.

Joanna, France

Suitable for walls!

I would like to buy the stainless razor wire on top of the wall use. Currently we have one project going to build the wall and our customer need to use the razor wire onto of the wall. I came through the internet and found this supplier. And they suggested the AISI316 razor wire in BTO series. Finally, I choose the BTO-22 type razor wire.

Tan, Thailand

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