Expanded Metal - A Rigid, Utility and Economic Option

Expanded metal is an extraordinarily versatile product that benefits our lives. It includes all metallic elements or alloys that have undergone a specific machining process, providing an open grid pattern on the surface. In the expanding process, a solid sheet or roll is simultaneously cut and stretched into a non-raveled unit with uniform-sized openings. Expanded metal has greater strength to weight ratio than solid sheet steel, and it is an economical, greener engineered alternative because there is no material in production. Compared with perforated metals and woven wire products, expanded metal has many advantages including cost effective and rigidity, for it is slit rather than punched and it won't ravel, if cut at one end, the remaining strands continue to hold.

Expanded metal products are produced from carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, as well as aluminum, copper and a variety of alloys of nickel, titanium and other metals. They are basically manufactured in two types - raised and flattened.

For the openings of expanded metal permit light, sound, air, heat and liquid to pass through, it is widely used for facade cladding, display screening, ceilings, furniture, etc. While expanded metal may present a virtually impenetrable barrier to intruders, which has been mostly used for security fencing. We offer an extensive range of expanded metal with different materials, sizes and shapes to demand any requirement from our clients.

What can expanded metal be used for?

Expanded metal for protection of auto air filters, hydroelectric equipment, highways, gardens/farms, factories
With its stable and rigid structure, expanded metal is favorable as security fencing for companies, private residence, stairs, farms, highways and other locations that need isolation from outside environment or protect persons from accidental damage. It can be polymer coated with different colours as you like, but fencing for highway and company is usually green because it has a meaning of environmental protection. Expanded metal is also used as protective cover of auto air filters and safety guard for engines or power equipment.

Expanded metal for decoration of shopping malls, auditorium, furniture, showing stand
Expanded metal made from carbon steel and aluminum is especially suitable for decoration of shopping malls, auditorium, house furnishings and other places that bring people relaxing and joyful conditions. Expanded metal as showing stand enlarges exhibition space, as well as provides decorative effect when it is painted or coated beautiful colours. Light weight and diamond openings of aluminum expanded metal offer good ventilation property and increase ornamental effect, which is favored by many designers.

Expanded metal for supporting of greenhouse benches, garden furniture, plastering, walkway gratings, bicycle basket, BBQ grill
Heavy duty steel expanded metal for supporting exists in greenhouse benches because it maximizes greenhouse space. Some tables and chairs in the garden are made of expanded metal, with different colours coated, which offers people places for rest and aesthetic feeling. Bicycle basket and BBQ grill are ideally designed for holding and supporting goods. Expanded metal lath and expanded metal angle bead used in plastering support the entire wall structure and brittle wall corner. Expanded metal walkway gratings are more and more popular for its rigid structure and visibility that diamond openings offer, supporting large load for long time.

Expanded metal has thousands of uses, we are continually researching new ideas and devoting to provide new products. For more information about our products or ordering expanded metal, mail at, we are looking forward to your inquiry.

Hot Products

Raised Expanded Metal

Raised expanded metal can be made from stainless steel, aluminum or other alloys, its raised surface has anti-slip property when used as stair treads.

Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened expanded metal can be made of various materials, or with PVC coated, which is used as decoration for smooth surface and pleasing appearance.

Steel Expanded Metal

Steel expanded metal is made into raised and flattened types, applied in various applications such as fencing and security mesh with high rigidity.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal

Stainless steel expanded metal is widely used as security mesh or protective cover for it has high corrosion resistance and good strength.

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