Straight Cut Wire in Various Sizes Is Easy to Transport and Handle

Straight cut wire is a kind of tie wire that made of iron wire cutting to certain sizes. We can cut this product into pieces of various lengths according to customer's requirement.


  • The wire diameter is 0.50 mm to 5.50 mm.
  • Materials: Galvanized iron wire, soft black annealed wire, copper wire, PVC coated wire.
  • Packing: carton and pallet.


SCWI-01: Straight Cut Wire (Galvanized Wire)

SCWI-02: Straight Cut Wire (PVC Wire)

SCWI-03: Straight Cut Wire Packing (Blue Galvanized Iron Wire)

SCWI-04: Straight Cut Wire Packing (Galvanized Iron Wire)

SCWI-05: Straight Cut Wire Packing (Galvanized Iron Wire)

SCWI-06: Stainless steel Straight Cut Wire

SCWI-07: Straight Cut Wire in Warehouse

SCWI-08: Straight Cut Wire in Warehouse

SCWI-09: Straight Cut Wire on Wooden Pallet

SCWI-10: Straight Cut Wire Wooden Box Package

Application: Straightened cut wire as binding is widely used in construction, handicrafts and daily use. And it is easy to transport and handle.

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