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Types of weave and apertures

From wire to wire cloth

In the wire weaving factory at Oelde, Haver & Boecker weaves wires from a diameter of 15 µm up to a thickness of 6.3 mm. Our subsidiary MAJOR Wire Industries, based in Canada and Belgium, also manufactures solid grids from wires up to 20 mm thick.


Wire mesh is created from the predefined connection of warp and weft wires. Warp wires run parallel, weft wires at right angles to the weaving direction.

Types of weave

Depending on the way the warp and weft wires are joined together, a distinction is made between the following bindings:

Plain weave

For plain weave, the warp and weft wires lie alternately over and under each other. Both sides of the wire mesh look the same.

Square mesh

Twilled weave

For twilled weave, warp and weft wires are unevenly woven together. Characteristic diagonal patterns are created.

Twilled weave 4 binding
Atlas binding
Multiplex 4 binding
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